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Dime IT is your simple solution for all your
technology needs.


Simple IT and Technology

Today, there are so many technology options. Mac vs. PC, which apps to use, which software to use, should I buy a server? What is the “Cloud”? How do I setup a website or buy a router? What is a VOIP phone system? All of these questions and options deter you from doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

So, we’re going to help you figure out the absolute best possible technologies to use and then we’re going to set them up and support them for you.

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Simple Solutions


Only want us to come by when you call? Are you able to handle all the small stuff and want to pick and choose from our expertise? We’ll handle light monitoring, asset reporting, anti-virus, and remote control for a fixed price and just bill for our time when you need us!

Managed IT

Need us more often? With fixed monthly pricing, this option gives you reliable help-desk service you can plan on every month. Billing is fixed per month so you can budget! We’ll handle everything from help desk to anti-virus to backups and much more!


Is your business pretty unique? Will you not fit into a normal support model? Introduce your business to us and we’ll design a custom, fixed price plan specific to your business!


Email Soultions

Cloud based email that is absolutely critical to your business.

Outsourced IT

Reduce downtime, increase profitability, and make your technology work for you.

Network Care

We review your company's needs & find solutions that works best.

Server Care

Flat-rate, fully-managed, 24/7/365 Server monitoring, maintenance, and remediation

Desktop & User Care

Remote and On-Site IT Support for your Staff

Data Backup & Recovery

Sleep well at night knowing your data is always safe 24/7.

Web Filtering & Firewall

Prevent questionable & unsafe content from entering your IT infrastructure.

Spam Protection

Stop letting unsolicited junk mail get between your staff and their jobs.

Mobile Office

Run your business from your phone & always be connected.

Ryan Taylor has handled IT for Fly & Form as a contractor for nearly five years. He has established an outstanding rapport with our staff and owners. His ability to get work done in a timely fashion has been outstanding. Ryan has done an excellent job and I would highly recommend him for any IT work your organization could need.”

Charles E. Davis, III